E44 2021.01.27: A view for '22

In which we discuss the insane candidates that have entered races both local and across the state.

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E43 2022.01.20: One to Watch

In which we talk about the State of the City speech, snow updates, and covid updates.

On Side B we discuss Tuesday's Planning and Public Safety Meeting, and some new bills filed in the Legislature this week.

As promised here is United in Rage https://thebaffler.com/salvos/united-in-rage-ray

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E42 2022.01.13: The Press Release is Coming from Inside the Paper

We continue our coverage of the novel corona virus in Fayette county this week as we talk about the council moving to zoom, the virtual MLK march, Transy postponing a their classes for a week, and more.

Join us on side B for discussions about the General Assembly - including vehicle taxes, budgets, aluminum mills and more.

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E41 2022.01.09: $26,301.00

In this episode we talk about covid, snow, and the latest addition to the mayoral race.

On side B we discuss what's going on with the General Assembly, and the state of the Commonwealth.

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E40 2021.12.30: The Cracks in Farmhouse's Foundation

In our final episode of the year, we talk about unions - but not the kind you're thinking of, and the status of Farmhouse Fraternity at UK.

On Side B we discuss some breaking news regarding the redistricting of KY house seats, as well as the Knott County Sports Complex.

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Music on this episode: Vaporwave Sadwave - Filmy Ghost (Sábila Orbe)

The L.A.M.E. Christmas Spooktacular

Claire from clairethompsonart.com talks with Erin and Jenry about ghost stories, curious architecture, the Shabat mode on elevators, the business of historic preservation, and of course, the recurring realization that this is a city build by slave owners, for slave owners.

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Merry Christmas!

E39 2021.12.17: A Rubicon of Sorts

In an interesting twist we switch up the order of Side A and Side B this week.

We talk about a committee hearing in Frankfort that was to get bonus pay to essential workers, and the aftermath of tornadoes pertaining to the Mayfield Consumer Products factory.

We also discuss the final chapter of redistricting in Lexington, some possible future candidates for council, and the startup that just moved in to center pit.

You can find the list of mutual aid and ways to help out in Western Kentucky here

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E38 2021.12.10: Socialism Or Barbarism

In which we talk about what it means to be a Marxist podcast, errata from last episode, more covid updates, the divestment of ArtsPlace, updates from the Kloiber campaign, and more...

On side B we delve a little deeper into what to expect from this next legislative session, as well as a view into the parallel universe where LAME takes place in Louisville.

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Come to Frankfort this Wednesday to rally for healthcare workers and custodians at universities!

Music this week is Edoy-Unda

E37 2021.12.03: An Economy On Fire

After a brief hiatus, we are back to discuss the happenings of Lexington and the state.

On side A we talk about the cliques in the FCPs, the Lansdowne massacre, Blake's Bike Blog, the guys who got free garbage for 8 years, the latest hydroelectric project of Berea, and ARPA funding for the city.

On side B we talk about the social workers' protests in Frankfort, KY arpa money, state redistricting progress, and the Courier Journal's TOP 10 economic development projects of 2021.

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E36 2021.11.12: Another Defense of Overhead Powerlines

In which we break the nuclear news of David Kloiber running for mayor against Linda Gorton, read another Barry Saturday article about dismantling police unions, and discuss the issues plaguing the Scott County Landfill and Fayette County School lunches.

On Side B we talk about Appharvest's recent quarterly report, some attorney general news, a new budget proposal concerning police, and the plan to renovate the KY capitol building.

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