E64 2022.09.29: fresh out of news

a whole lotta development happening by Masterson Station, Erin has literally only headlines to give us, and we wrap up a years long story on the Aluminum Mil Rugpull.

E63 2022.09.15: Lenin at the Candidate Forum

Some breaking news- and then onto the good stuff: we went to the candidate forum yesterday, and oh boy do we have opinions on it all- although it would be weird if we didn't I guess.

E62 2022.9.10: Craftwerk

Topics in this episode: Just one more lane will fix it I promise, the new Covid Situation and the loss of the masc mandate, and a whole lotta election talk - from Kelly Craft's bid for governor to the miserable state of Lexington electoral politics.

E61 2022.08.27: Quietly Quitting the General Assembly

In this Episode:\ Someone at city hall wires 4 Million Dollars to just some guy. Planning Commission unanimously votes for abolishing parking minimums. AirBNB is too popular in this city. General Assembly Passes EKY Relief bill. Matt Bevin returns to this part of the earth.

E60 2022.08.23: Whiskey Fungus is Healthy Actually jsyk <3

Topics for today:\ Monkeypox, Woodland park's pirate ship, A rival publication's disgusting interest in """"true crime"""", UK Medical Debt, Property taxes???, Bourbon producers definitely are not covering every county in a black-mold-like substance, and something else idk erin generally writes these.

E59 2022.08.09: Killing for Sport

In which we talk about all of the things around Lexington getting annihilated: Barry Saturday, Two Keys, school lunch, dorms, and more...

On side B we talk about the flood, Biden, and Fancy Farm.

Mutual Aid Links:

GoFundMe for a friend of the show: https://www.gofundme.com/f/lisa-holbrook-family-eastern-ky-flood-relief?utm_campaign=p_cp+share-sheet&utm_medium=copy_link_all&utm_source=customer&fs=e&s=cl

EKY Mutual Aid: https://twitter.com/ekymutualaid

E58 2022.07.20: "Dark Money"

on today's agenda:\ Covid data reporting, The Damn Heat, Filler content in the newspaper, JCPS, and of course: the dark, dark, scary, non-euclidian, 501c4 money in GOP primaries.

E57 2022.07.15: The Party has given up

Jenry recounts some sightseeing in central KY, gives a plea for someone to help make a railroad. \ News today: KU tree cutting, a fully federally funded NEW parking lot downtown, Constables riot against extinction, Sarah Williams walks free. Erin shares more visual gags with the listening audience, and we wonder how the democrats will ever recover in the commonwealth. (Spoiler alert: the party has given up.)

E56 2022.07.07: Left Wing YIMBYism ft. Blake Hall

Blake Hall joins us for a Discussion on the recent road diet proposal for North Limestone, and then tries to tell us two blockheads how private development works. Jenry calls for the Division of Planning to carry out a protracted people's war in accordance with the mass line to establish a protected bike lane for 3 city blocks.

Suggested reading from this episode:\ The Birth of a Building by Ben Stevens\ Das Kapital\ Legistar\ The Death and Life of Great American Cities\ The Lexington Urbanist Forum (FB group i know)\ The bus schedule

E55 2022.06.30: The Girls Go Federal

Parkette closed, Downtown Driving range defeated, Property Development rights? well.... let's just say David Kloiber is working hard to bring the ramblers to Lexington. and then we break the sacred code to talk SCOTUS and give a new prognosis for the Federal Gov't as it currently operates