E74 2023.07.07: The Urban Service Boundary Expansion Episode (Feat. Adrian)

In a full length side A: Jenry, using god's worst microphone, interviews Adrian Bryant of CivicLex fame. Where we finally get back up to speed on the recently expanded Urban Service Boundary, affordable housing, soccer gossip, r-1 zoning, public housing. You name it, I say it over literally the worst mic quality to ever hit this show. You'll love it.

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E73 2023.06.08: Forestry Fever

in this episode: Matt Miniard removed from FCSWC board by technicality, HB 150 bypassed by technicality, appharvest gets a 14 million dollar mechanics lean on their Richmond facility as their creditor threatens to take back all 60ish million dollars of their money. On side B we talk a lot about forest management and reveal that there is a difference between a forest and a park. the Goats arrive.

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E72 2023.05.19: Live from a Bozeman Parking Lot

Our first ever remote episode, a frankly terrifying experience.\ Erin learns who won the primary, Jenry contemplates license plates.\ \ We will see you soon with a more normal episode.

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E71 2023.05.09: The 2023 Primary: Mr. Hell Reigns

For everyone looking for Lexington news I'm sorry we spent a full hour talking about Eric Deters

E70 2023.02.21: Side B is for 'Bleak'

if you know anyone who can hook us up with an apartment in Havana let us know In this Episode: Parking Asbury Revival 2023 and... Side B

E69 2023.2.6: r/LexingtonCollapse

in this ep: -Read "The State and Revolution" by Lenin -How to bypass Herald Leader paywall for good! -Susan Lamb, et al. -funny articles on cell tower and lexington soccer -deja vu -cops with thermal imaging cameras???? horrid???? -yimbys, et al. -this place is doomed

E68 2023.1.15: Podcasters to AppHarvest: Drop Dead

In this Ep: new city council, Yahr elected after recount, Parking drama continues. other things happen and then we loose internet. see you very soon for more remedial episodes.

E67 2022.12.18: The Parking Episode

Erin promised to add the link. In this episode: family court election recount?, and a lot of parking, with an impromptu reading series. On side B: Bernheim pipeline discourse.

E66 2022.11.04: Election 22: New Kloiber Lore

We talk who to not vote for, and then discover a horrible truth about Kloiber. then we go over time and we dont get to read the article i wanted to read LAST MONTH. anyways see you soon and write in ERIN L.A.M.E. for mayor.

E65 2022.10.21: Give Richard Young A Glock.

be lucky you're hearing this.